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June 19, 2018

Over the past year, Dynamic Signal has conducted a series of ThinkTanks around the world that bring together world-class communicators and marketers. This emerging community of business professionals is focused on improving employee communication and engagement.

Our sessions have been, in a word, amazing.

Communicators are hungering to meet people like themselves, who are wrestling with the same challenges they face every day. Conversations crackle with electricity as they talk through problems, discuss solutions and share success stories.

And we’ve heard one sentiment, time and time again.

Communicators want more.

So, we’re thrilled to announce our first full conference, the Summit by Dynamic Signal . It will be a full day of interactive learning on Oct. 11 at NEWTON Distance Neutral Racer Running Shoes green / yellow / red US size 5 EU Shoe SizeEUR 36 9kGbJ9D
. This will be a unique opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded, fearless peers who also are searching for innovative ways to connect with employees and encourage employees to support their brands.

A revolution is happening in business today. We’re witnessing the rise of the modern communicator. Organizations are more aware than ever that communication is fundamental to inspiring employees, aligning companies around a shared mission, and boosting productivity.

But I also don’t need to tell you how difficult it is to achieve these goals.

We live in a time where trust in institutions is at an all-time low. Workforces are more dispersed than ever. Every time you blink there’s a new form of technology that connects people … but also can be a frustrating distraction that interrupts getting work done. The expectations of the executive suite and employees for better communication are greater. And caught in the middle is you, the communicator.

That’s why there’s an acute need for a conference like this.

We’ve assembled a powerhouse group of speakers. One of our keynotes will be Trish Wexler , JPMorgan Chase’s Chief Communications Officer, Chase Consumer Community Banking. Other speakers will include Grant McLaughlin , the Chief Marketing Communications Officer at Booz Allen Hamilton, and Michael Brito , author and Executive Vice President, Digital Technology at the Zeno Group. All of our speakers have stories that you will want to hear.

The Summit will explore best practices, tactics, and common challenges. How does a brand tell a difficult story? How do you communicate effectively with hourly workers? How can organizations address the different communication challenges facing “in the know” and “in the dark” employees? How do you measure the impact of your communication strategies?

You will leave the Summit with insights that you can bring back to your organization. You will also develop meaningful relationships with other communicators. This is a chance to see that you are part of a community reinventing the field of employee communication.

You are a modern communicator. Come to the Summit by Dynamic Signal and join the revolution.

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Joelle Kaufman

As CMO of Dynamic Signal, I bring over 20 years of executive level business development, strategy, marketing, product management, sales and communications experience. I've led teams in media, enterprise technology, and consumer internet companies. Throughout my career, I have built strong, self-directed teams and leveraged extensive analytics to ensure that marketing and partnerships are delivering clear value to the company.

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1111 Bayhill Drive, Suite 125

It feels more like “glamping”, and you sleep in very warm beds in private tents, though don’t expect a five star hotel. The landscape is magnificent and they have a very cool light installation in the rock formations around the camp.

The shared bathrooms were modern and clean. Depending on the time of year you go they may only have hot water at certain times of the day. They turn off the camp power at around 11pm, and there isn’t alcohol so the place is social but not a crazy party scene.

They have wifi and places to charge devices. Our tent had a plug also. Be sure to charge your things before they shut off the power! The wifi wasn’t very reliable so don’t schedule a skype interview or whatever for when you are there.

This is actually the place where a lot of tours from Jerusalem stay! You can just book it independently and pay a fraction of the price. It was actually one of the cheapest options for the Petra area.

For 10 extra Dinars a person we had a buffet-style meal. The food was delicious and filling and there were a lot of options. I stuffed my face.

The place is run by a local Bedouin family and they are very social and open to sharing their experiences and cultural customs.

The negatives: you’re sort of a captive audience. They are obviously running a business and they want to sell you special tours. We were asked over and over if we wanted them to show us where the best places to go are on the map, and that would turn into a “oh you don’t have enough time to see that but with our special guide…” sort of stuff.

It may not be the best place to hang out during the day. Your tent gets super hot once the sun comes up so you can’t really hang out in it. Other than climbing on some cool rocks and exploring the surroundings (which is cool), there isn’t so much to do, though you can go see Little Petra nearby.

They have a special taxi rate to the park gate (5 Dinars for the car regardless of how many people are in it) which is a good deal. They really could take you in whenever you needed to go. We needed to drop our bags off at our hotel (the Mariott) for the next night. In the evening that cost 10 Dinars but magically the price was raised to 15 in the morning. When I brought that up he changed back to the earlier price.

But those were little details. Staying at the camp was a really special experience. If it’s fully booked, Columbia Mens D7 Retro Sneaker Grey Ice Black KpmQPOUl
is right next door and shares the gorgeous surroundings!

Staying at the Marriott was a treat! We got a great deal, and for a budget backpacker like myself it felt like the ultimate luxury.

It is on the mountain, and so the views from anywhere in the hotel are amazing. I saw hands down the most beautiful sunset of my life there (and this is after months of wonderful sun-downers in southern and eastern Africa!), and SWIMMING IN THAT POOL AFTER A DUSTY DAY AT PETRA WAS PURE ECSTASY. Sorry if it’s poor taste to write in all caps, but I am still obsessed with that pool.

In any case, I notice, at 61, when I spend a lot of my time sitting on this same sofa writing and groaning about writing, how much these guys love to move. The pregame exercise look like dancing, or horses out to pasture. Heels up. I think about how I creak to stand sometimes – it’s renewed inspiration to get going.

And so gorgeous all of it. They call soccer “The Beautiful Game;” I just see beautiful players. I mean in the usual way, of course, so many handsome men in one place. Such a plus. But also human beings in comfortable clothes moving as we were born to.

I know there’s all kinds of non-beautiful in soccer’s history, corruption, injury, violence. But since no one will die or be left starving if I stick my head in these particular sands, I claim impunity.

Match time. I hope you’ve got a moment of indulgence lined up, one that makes you happy and hurts no one at all.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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What A Polished Tomboy Wants To Wear To Those Daytime Events, Or, Saturday Morning at 10:01am

( Note: Although I no longer monetize new posts on this blog, the images below are pay-per-click. That’s because the tool I use to search for ideas, ShopStyle Collective, automatically includes theirlinks in generating the widget. It would take me forever to try and replicate this what with Photoshopping and cutting and pasting. Please forgive my inertia.)

So, daytime events?

My issue is as follows:

Flowing or floral dresses are not me; fancy structured trousers are for work, not parties.

Which lands me, paradoxically, for daytime celebrations, in a world of structured dresses and flowing or floral trousers. Well all right then!

Here are some dresses I quite like. What do you think? A couple of florals because never say never. Comme des Garçons animé for our Artsy Cousins, Diane von Furstenberg or Victoria Beckham for the Grande Dame. She’ll change for dinner, by the way. The Veronica Beard ruching, not before noon.

My favorite is that blue Max Mara Weekend shift, because, blue. With low block-heeled sandals which I happen to own.

And what about flowing trousers? That’s what I ended up wearing to my daughter’s graduation. And this believe it or not is the best photo I have. (Yes I got a haircut, my very long hair was unsupportable.) Patent leather J. Crew slippers and belt. BEARPAW Piper Womens Boot BLACK II NYSzU

Well, maybe the trousers are not so much flowing as purchased 10+ years ago for work when Armani was wide-leg friendly. I would like to up the festive quotient.

Method 1: Recalled quit attempts, among successful quitters: Among those who successfully quit, the average number of attempts reported during 18 months of observation was 2.0 (SD: 3.15). Among those who did not successfully quit, there were 2.9 attempts (SD: 3.4). Adding all previous lifetime quit attempts reported by each smoker to their total number of observed attempts (4.3, SD: 0.25, attempts at baseline) suggests that the successful quitter reports an average of 6.3 (SD: 1.4) lifetime quit attempts. Successful daily smokers reported a mean of 6.8 (SD: 1.6) lifetime attempts, while successful occasional smokers reported a mean of 4.7 (SD: 0.6) lifetime attempts ( adidas Gazelle BZ0028 Blue RrJS4

View this table:

Estimate of the number of quit attempts made prior to successfully quitting for 1 year or longer among 1277 smokers in the Ontario Tobacco Survey for four different methods of calculation

Method 2: Constant rate assumption : Using the estimated 5.1% success rate per quit attempt found in this population, the geometric mean is then 19.6 quit attempts before quitting successfully. When stratified by frequency of smoking, the expected average number of quit attempts before quitting successfully would be 20.4 quit attempts for daily smokers and 16.7 attempts for occasional smokers ( TOMS Womens Classic Casual Shoe Peacock uOQlJXVR1c

Method 3: Variable rate assumption, observed quit success rates: Using observed quit attempts, the probability of a successful quit was highest on the initial quit attempt (11% success); the second attempt was much lower at 5% success, while subsequent attempts were even less likely to succeed ( Tortor 1Bacha Mens Retro Leather Captoe Zipper Desert Chukka Boots Brown uQrkeu
). Using this distribution of quit attempts in the life table analysis, we found that the average number of quit attempts expected in order to succeed was 29.6 (95% CI 27.6 to 31.6) attempts (area under the survival curve, Amiley Fashion Women Men Shoes Lace Up Flat Biker Military Army Combat Black Boots Shoes Black vb31O5kvX8
). The calculation when stratified by smoking frequency suggested that the average number of attempts for occasional smokers was much fewer ( table 3 ).


Absolute survival probability (per cent who have not quit successfully) of reported quit attempts of longer than 1 year during the first 18 months of observation in the Ontario Tobacco Survey. The top figure includes only observed quit attempts, while the bottom figure also includes reported quit attempts prior to study entry. Dotted lines represent upper and lower CIs. A life table analysis was used to calculate survival probabilities (n=1277).

Method 4: Life table, with recalled lifetime quit numbers : When the lifetime number of recalled quit attempts were included to the probability of quitting on a given quit attempt, the likelihood for success peaks on the fourth to sixth attempt ( Red Dawg Boots Black Leather LaceToToe Vibram Black 4xYm3csE
), roughly the average of previously recalled quit attempts among the population of those attempting to quit, with subsequent attempts much less likely to be successful. Using this distribution of probability of quitting per quit attempt using the life table approach, the mean number of attempts was 142.0 (95% CI 122.8 to 161.2); daily smokers had a mean of 142.3 (95% CI 122.8 to 161.9), while occasional smokers had a mean of 21.0 (95% CI 18.3 to 23.7; table 3 ).

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