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Exercism is a community around crowd-sourced code reviews. The core is in Ruby but exercises appear in all languages.

Contribulator score: 39

Cake (C# Make) is a cross platform build automation system.

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Join everyone here and make open source better.


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Render AsciiDoc as HTML inside Chrome using Asciidoctor.js!

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The Rust package manager

Contribulator score: 33

Johnny-Five is an Open Source, IoT and Robotics programming framework, developed at Bocoup. Johnny-Five programs can be written for Arduino, Beagle Bone, Intel Galileo Edison, Pinoccio, Raspberry Pi

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Downloadable add-on resources
Last updated Dec 08, 2017
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JIRA plugins may define downloadable resources. If your plugin requires JIRA to serve additional static files such as images, JavaScript or CSS, you will need to use downloadable plugin resources to make them available.

Purpose of a Resource

A ‘resource’ is a non-Java file that a plugin may need in order to operate. Examples of possible resources might be:

Resource definitions can be either a part of the plugin, or part of a particular plugin module.

Here is a sample resource definition:

A resource has a name, a type and a location. The resource definition maps an arbitrary resource name to the location of that resource in the server’s classpath.

The simplest kind of resource, supported with all plugin module types, is of type download , which makes a resource available for download from the application at a particular URL.

Stylesheets for your plugin may often refer to images also in your plugin. In which case you would have to make both the stylesheet and image(s) downloadable.

Note: If you have multiple stylesheets and javascript resources defined, you should put the resource defintions in a Web Resource Module.

To refer to your plugin images in a stylesheet, use a relative path based on the resource name defined for the image (which is ‘my-images’ in this case).


To reference images already available in an application, you will need to go up three parent directories like so:

These are the common name/value pairs supported by the <param> element.

Name Value: content-type | image/gif

Name Value:

Description: Specify a MIME content type.


Name Value: media | print

Declare the media type for CSS resources. This is supported by Web Resource plugin modules . For example, requesting this resource will insert a <link> in the HTML header, with a media value of ‘print’:

Name Value: ieonly |true

Specify that the resource should be wrapped in an Internet Explorer conditional comment . This is supported by Web Resource plugin modules . For example, the web resource declaration below says that the resource should be wrapped in an Internet Explorer conditional comment, which means it will only be used by Internet Explorer. This is useful for IE-specific styling to work around browser bugs.

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- Increase your productivity, customize your experience, and engage in information you care about.

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Community Voice
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What is the Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan is a guide for the future! It establishes a framework to guide decisions about growth, preservation and change within our City. The document, officially adopted by City Council, will describe Bristol’s direction for future development and will recommend policies and projects to achieve desired results.

The process will involve a variety of stakeholders including Elected Officials, City Staff, a Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee, Regulatory Agencies, a Consultant Team led by Design Workshop, and the General Public.

Our Comprehensive Plan will address some of the following topics:

The Comprehensive Plan is community driven and citizen participation is a vital component of the planning process! We need to hear from you!

Get Involved:

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Community Workshop #1 - Keypad Polling Results Easy Street Womens Prim Dress Pump Red Synthetic INuwyS6tS
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Community Workshop #2 - Presentation Dek Mens Synthetic Leather Cross Trainer Shoes Beige sR6SaBo
Community Workshop #3 Presentation

Existing plans are an important part of the Comprehensive Plan process. A careful analysis of existing plans and studies will be conducted to inform the new plan. Some of these documents include:

Community surveys will be used to gauge community needs and to obtain background information for the project.

In June 2017, the City Council appointed a committee to help guide the comprehensive plan process. The role of this Committee is one of engagement and outreach, and members will have an active role throughout the planning process.

Committee members were appointed by the City Council to:

List of Committee Members:

David Shumaker Carolyn Ferrell Brad Adams Judge Randy Kennedy Tasha Foy Karen Hester Marques Puckett Mark Canty Jeff McCord Logan McCabe Jill Harrison Greg Neal Tim Landis Alice McCaffery Kathy Waugh Ella Kane Alexander Whitaker Lea Powers Margaret Feierabend Mark Byington

July 27, 2017: Community Workshop # 1 – Introduction and Keypad Polling Exercise

November 2, 2017: Community Workshop #2 – Strategies, Goals, Group Planning Exercise

January 2018: Community Workshop #3 – Review Frameworks, Policies, and and Implementation steps

February-March, 2018: Consultants will draft Comprehensive Plan Document

April- May, 2018: Planning Commission and City Council Review of Comprehensive Plan

June-July, 2018: Revisions

August-September 2018: Adoption of Final Plan Document

There are no upcoming meetings and events. See other meetings events


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There are many circumstances in which you would wish to deactivate ZBrush. The most obvious is if you are going to be moving it to a computer, in which case you need to deactivate the old copy so that the activation is now available for use on the new machine. Another case would be if you are preparing to reinstall your computer’s operating system or make a major OS up­grade – both things that cause your computer’s “digital thumbprint” to change, making ZBrush believe that it is on a new machine. Before doing any of these things, please deactivate ZBrush. Ideally, this should be done before removing ZBrush from your computer.

ZBrush offers three deactivation methods:

Before uninstalling ZBrush or reinstalling your operating system you should deactivate the application. If you do not do so, it will continue to count against your serial number, potentially preventing activation later.

Please follow these easy steps:

1. Go to your ZBrush folder and run the Pixologic Deactivation Manager program. You can also use the button found in Zplugin >> Deactivation. Either way, a window will open:

2. Select the ZBrush license from the activated software list (1) and then click the Deactivate button (2). 3. Click OK when prompted. ZBrush will immediately be disabled and after a few moments you will receive a message from the server notifying you that the deactivation was successful. The window will then close.

If your computer does not have internet access, a deactivation Request File will be created (similar to offline activation). Save this file to your computer and take it to any machine that does have internet access. There, go to That web page will ask for your deactivation file and complete the deactivation for you.

Use this option if your computer has suffered a hardware failure or other issue that prevents you from accessing the Pixologic Deactivation Manager.


Note: For any computer that is online, this system can be used to remotely deactivate that copy of ZBrush and return its activation to the license pool. The next time that copy of ZBrush is run, it will automatically detect its change in activation status and disable itself. This is very conve­nient for situations such as if you’re on a trip and you suddenly need to install ZBrush on a computer, or for IT managers that need to re-image their systems on a regular basis. However, it should NEVER be used as a method of cheating the system to get more activations than your license allows.

You will first need to log into the My Licenses page on the Pixologic website, using your Pixologic ID. There, you can select your preferred language by clicking the Language dropdown.